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Power Interlocking – Safely interlocking the load circuit breaker

By integrating a load circuit breaker into SAFEMASTER STS, electrical energy can be safely switched off. This is achieved without a separate electrical or electronic control level.

Power Interlocking from the SAFEMASTER STS series forces the disconnection of the energy source by turning off the load circuit breaker before entering the facility. Only after the load circuit breaker is turned off the key to the integrated locking unit can be removed. Pulling the key mechanically locks the load circuit breaker in the off position. This stops the system from restarting. Once the key is released, the other, purely mechanically locked accesses, can be operated. This significantly reduces installation and assembly work. The two-channel construction of the system additionally allows integration into the emergency stop circuit. This makes it possible to achieve safety levels up to PL e, category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. Power Interlocking is suitable for currents up to 800 A, and guarantees safe interlocking, even in case of auxiliary and control circuit failure.