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Everything under control with the option module

The option module expands SAFEMASTER STS with various command, indication, and emergency stop functions. This turns the system into a true “control centre” from where command functions, status displays, release signals, main and maintenance access points can be controlled. The option module is form-fitting and can be installed directly underneath switches or solenoid lock units thus enabling direct command execution at the access points for machines and systems. The special multi-cable with plug-in connector ensures rapid and problem-free internal connection of the individual components. It is also possible to install the module as an independent command device.

Available command function

The facility shuts down in a controlled manner after the stop button has been pressed. Only then the entrance and the keys will be released. The facility can only be restarted when all the keys are inserted into the unit again and a start signal has been given on the option module.


Complex demand – simple solution


If interlocking devices with potential-free contacts are used in complex or interlinked facilities, these are typically  connected in series (cascading). This saves the trouble of wiring, but errors can be erased when multiple doors are opened. If multiple entrances must be opened at the same time in a cascade or series connection, then a fault exclusion is required to reach at least a performance level of PL d. With SAFEMASTER STS, individual units can monitor multiple entrances at the same time, with the advantage that no cascading, no associated decrease in performance level, and no fault exclusion is required. Since the system monitors itself mechanically, when using SAFEMASTER STS applications up to the highest safety level (PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1) can be realised, and at the same time wiring work is reduced.

The option module can also be perfectly combined with the multifunctional safety module, SAFEMASTER M. Plants can be subdivided into zones, with individual SAFEMASTER STS units monitoring multiple entrances.