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Preventative measures

Personal key

The employee must take the key with him into the facility for his own safety.  By doing so, he safeguards himself against unexpected starting and protects himself from being locked in.

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

The padlock module offers an additional protective function. It enables LOTO functions to be integrated into the SAFEMASTER STS system. The key is pulled to the stop, and any worker who wishes to enter the facility inserts his personal padlock into the opening or gap designed for this purpose. Therefore, the mechanism can no longer be plugged in. The facility can only be restarted after all the padlocks have been removed and/or when all employees have left the facility.

Authorizing persons

Thanks to this module combination, an entrance can be safeguarded in an individual manner.   Clearance is only granted when two different-coded keys are inserted.  This ensures that an employee is only granted access with the knowledge of a second person.


Reliably control emergencies

Escape and emergency release

SAFEMASTER STS also integrates escape releases and emergency unlocking.  People who become locked in by accident can always safely leave the facility. Entrances can be equipped with an escape or emergency unlock mechanism. After it is triggered, locked-in people can escape or be rescued from outside.

Emergency unlock

In an emergency situation, the entrance can be unlocked by operating a rotary switch so that locked-in people can be rescued.

Cable pull escape release

In case of an emergency arising from a person being locked in, the entrance can be unlatched via a cable pull and trigger an emergency stop at the same time. This works also if the operator is not able to reach the escape route in time.