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Multiple functional elements – for an optimal design for your system

Accessory parts, such as end module M or bayonet fittings, are used to connect or complete the SAFEMASTER STS Module. They also serve to flexibly mount the complete functional unit.

The key module monitors, for example, the release or locking of a safety door, using personal keys. This feature makes it possible to require a specific order of operations from which workers may not deviate.

The padlock module (LOTO) offers additional safety functions and serves to release or lock functions. This can be implemented with a padlock inserted to a key that cannot be removed.

Actuator modules guarantee safe access, for instance to a protective cover or door. The actuator module, together with the actuator, monitors the placement of two moving components of a protective device. In combination with other modules, they can create output signals, keep access doors closed, and force processes.

Solenoid lock modules ensure that protective doors and other safety guards remain closed as long as there is a hazardous situation or a danger of injury to persons. Access is only granted once a release signal is present.

The switch module serves, for instance, to secure moveable safety guards. When the safety guards are opened, hazardous movements must be immediately turn off by the switch module and secured against restart.

Command devices enable safety doors to be monitored on machines and systems. They expand switch modules and solenoid lock modules with additional command functions in order to control main access points and maintenance access points for example.


SAFEMASTER STS – the base units